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Configure G-cloud Virtual Machine

It is a physical location around the world where G-cloud is located

VM instance specifications i

Configure your virtual machine specifications

Select a category with predefined configuration added

Pick an instance package from the list

General Purpose vCPUs: 4 RAM: 8GB Storage: 200GB SSD Bandwidth: 200GB SSD

Enter the number of VM instances that you need.

Enter the expected usage of VM instances.

Attach additional storage volumes for your VM instances

0.10 USD Per unit
30 GB x 0.10 USD x 1 instances (Additional Storage Cost) = 3.00 USD

Configure your payment methods

85.41 USD Average per mouth
($0.00 charged upfront)

VM Block Storage pricing (monthly)
3.00 USD
VM Instance pricing (monthly)
61.54 USD
Total Monthly Cost
74.54 USD


G-Cloud Pricing Calculator provides only an estimate of your G-Cloud service/ support and doesn't include any taxes that might apply. Your actual fees depend on a variety of factors, including your actual usage of G-Cloud services.