Managed PostgreSQL, built enterprise-ready, with native integration into Gcloud

PostgreSQL is an open source, object-relational database built with extensibility, data integrity, and speed in mind. Its concurrency support makes it fully ACID compliant, and it supports dynamic loading and catalog-driven operations to let users customize its data types, functions, and more.

Scale on demand

Peaks and valleys in demand are business as usual for data-driven apps. With Gcloud Postgres, handling them is simple. Our managed PostgreSQL fleet responds swiftly to your apps’ changing traffic patterns, seamlessly scaling up and down in line with your database resource requirements.

High availability

Gcloud Postgres ,High Availability Maintain high availability of your data with Gcloud. Should your database instance become unavailable, Gcloud Postgres automatically replaces it with a standby.

Do more with your data

As a fully managed service, Gcloud Postgres allows you to focus on getting the most out of your data without the admin overhead. Follower instances and database forks turn your data into an agile resource that’s available for safe experimentation with alternative use cases.

Secure & compliant

The Gcloud platform is built for security from the ground up in compliance with key industry standards for data protection. For apps in regulated industries, Gcloud Postgres delivers PCI and HIPAA compliance. As threats evolve, our DevOps team takes care of patching and security configuration so you can focus on building your app.

Compatible with Data Integrity

It supports data integrity which includes the following: Primary Keys,UNIQUE,NOT NULL,Foreign Keys,Explicit Locks, Advisory Locks,Exclusion Constraints

Compatible with multiple data types

PostgreSQL support various data types such as: Structured, Primitives, Customizations, Geometry and Document


It is safe because it follows several security aspects, which are as follows: PostgreSQL provides a robust access control system, PostgreSQL supports Column and row-level security.


Ultimate control and flexibility for databases,Enjoy maximum control and flexibility with custom maintenance windows and additional configuration parameters for fine-grained tuning with Flexible Server Preview.

Maximize database performance with a fully managed Gcloudservice.

Let Gsoft manage the time- and cost-intensive tasks associated with database maintenance, hosting, and high availability.

Provision in minutes and independently scale compute or storage in seconds.

Low maintenance and administration for both embedded and enterprise use of PostgreSQL.


Financial Industry

PostgreSQL is an ideal DBMS system for the financial industry. Moreover, It is fully ACID compliant which makes it an ideal choice for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing). It is also capable of performing database analytics. It can be integrated with mathematical software like Matlab and R.


Government GIS data

PostgreSQL offers powerful GIS which is called “PostGIS”. This extension provides hundreds of functions to process geometric data in different formats.


Web technology and NoSQL

If your website requires to deal with hundreds or even thousands request per second at that time, scalability is a surely big issue. Here, Postgre proves the best solution.PostgreSQL works fine with all modern web frameworks. It also offers replication capabilities which allow to scale out as many database servers as you want.


Scientific data

You need to generate terabytes of data if you are working on research and scientific project. Therefore, it is important to handle in the most efficient way as possible. For that, PostgreSQL offers wonderful analytical capabilities and powerful SQL engine. This helps you to manage a large amount of data with ease.

Asked Questions
In general, any modern Unix-compatible platform such as Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD can run PostgreSQL, as can Microsoft Windows.
We guarantee that at least 99.99 percent of the time customers will have connectivity between their Azure Database for PostgreSQL server and our internet gateway.
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