Achieve flexibility and options functionality with Elastic IP address

Reserve an Elastic IP address and assign it to your instance and give up the unnecessary need of basic dynamic IP addressing within the cloud

An Elastic IP address is a stable IPv4 address that has been designed for robust cloud computing. An Elastic IP address is assigned to you until you decide to release it. By utilizing an Elastic IP address, you can hide the failure of an instance or application by spontaneously remapping the address to a different instance which is connected to your account only. As an alternative also you can specify the Elastic IP address in a DNS record meant for your domain; this will help in the process where your domain will point at your instance

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Flexible binding to an instance

A client can bind an EIP to an instance as wanted to make the instance available to the Internet. You can release the EIP when Internet communication is not desirable for the instance.

Purchase and use independently

You can purchase an EIP as an independent resource instead of purchasing it together with other computing or storage resources.

Flexible association

When you need an instance to access the Internet, you can associate an EIP with the instance as needed. You can also disassociate and release the EIP at any time.

Configurable network capabilities

You can adjust the bandwidth value of an EIP as needed. The bandwidth change takes effect immediately.

Elastic IP
Elastic IP address from Gcloud

Reserve an Elastic IP address from Gcloud, assign it to your instance and give up the unnecessary need of basic dynamic IP addressing within the cloud.


Elastic IP addresses are always static, which means they will not change over time.

Elastic IP addresses are flexible in terms of usage, and you can assign one to your instance when you want and release it when you don't want it effortlessly.

To make an Elastic IP address come into action, first, you have to assign it to your account and then connect it with your instance or the network interface you are using.

When an Elastic IP address is connected to an instance, it also connects with the instance's primary network interface. Similarly, when you connect your Elastic IP address with a network interface that is associated with an instance, it gets connected with the instance as well.

If you dissociate an Elastic IP address from a single resource, you can again reassociate it to another resource. To avoid any complications, you should disable all the functions associated with the resource before making this change. After the connection of the Elastic IP address to the different resources, you can resume its connections and functions as well.

The Elastic IP address will be coming from our pool of IP addresses or from a separate database containing the IP addresses which you have invested in, but you cannot modify it according to your requirements.

The region assigned to an Elastic IP address cannot be changed; what is assigned to it will remain, and the region cannot be shifted.


Flexibility in binding.

The Elastic IP address you will be investing in can be associated with any instances you need to; there will be no restrictions on where you need to assign your Elastic IP address. You can assign it with any instance and get the desired outcome.

Flexibility in networking.

With Gsoft’s Elastic IP addresses, you will be getting full freedom in modifying the bandwidth of your IP address. If you meet any issue regarding this process, then we will help you out in all possible ways.

Professional assistance

With Gsoft, you will never face any issue alone; our team of specialists will always be there beside you to hello you out in every possible way. From the starting to the ending, our team will be present with you; if you face any issue, our customer service will be available to provide you the assistance you need. Our team is working in the industry for an extensive period of time, so we have gathered enough knowledge and experience to provide you with the most appropriate solution no matter what the issue is. We believe in growing as a company by helping our clients; that is why client satisfaction has always been an extremely crucial thing for our business.

Affordable charges

We understand that the budget will never be the same for every company out there. And we intend to work with companies ranging from different sectors and spheres hence we have kept our services within the most affordable range. Depending upon what you need and your budget, you can invest in our services. No matter if it is an expensive one or an affordable one, you will be getting top-notch quality service with all. We value your money; that is why we focus on maintaining the standard of our Elastic IP address services always.

Ethical practices

We do not make fake promises or indulge in any kinds of unethical practices. We provide our clients with ethically procured and exclusively designed Elastic IP addresses from our databases. We promise to provide you the required assistance wherever you will need it. We do not misguide anybody who seeks help from us.

The utility of Elastic IP addresses is pretty simple with public IP addresses; the persistence is not permanent because once you have shut down your instance, the IP address will also change. But Elastic IP addresses remain wherever they are allocated only. They will remain with the instance unless it is released.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have no knowledge about this, you can book an appointment with our specialist team. They will provide you the required assistance. Our team is always there beside you whenever you will require assistance. We believe in growing up with our clients; we make sure everyone gets their queries solved in no time. We have been working for an extensive period of time in this industry and guide everyone in the venture of assigning an Elastic IP address. Technical matters can often overwhelm people, that is why we are going to be present by your side to make you understand everything and also choose the best for your company.
With an Elastic IP address, you will be getting a lot of flexibility in terms of usage. With our Elastic IP address services, you will have freedom over the bandwidth selection and a lot more. We will make sure every requirement is fulfilled in this sector. Other than that, you will also get the required assistance or help from our specialist team if you don't understand any procedure at any step. With great quality services, you will also get top-notch guidance from Gsoft's team.
With Gsoft's services associated with Elastic IP addresses, you will not have to burn a huge hole in your pocket. We have kept our services within the affordable range only. So no matter what your budget is, you will find something or the other for your purpose. We understand that every company will never have the same requirements or the same budget, that is why we have kept all our services within different ranges. So whatever your budget is, you can get something within that. No matter how much you invest, you will be getting top-notch service everywhere. With Elastic IP address, it is a one-time investment, so you should definitely go for it without worrying about spending a lot.
Yes, it will be safe to use Elastic IP addresses rather than using random public IP addresses. Elastic IP addresses are exclusive possessions until it is released by the user. So no confusion or distortion with traffic generation will take place. Your elastic IP address will be exclusively assigned to your instance and nowhere else. With public IP addresses, this exclusivity will not be there. And also, a lot of risks might arise as well. Your traffic generation can also get influenced by the previous usage of the IP address.