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Gsoft HD Voice

Standard HD Gsoft voice Routing provides the highest Quality of Service at the most competitive market rates.Routes terminatedwith stable, high-quality providers with high quality signaling features fully supported across the Gsoft network.

Leveraging solutions are applied for profit sharing and profit making suit individual business needs.

Quality parameters are benchmarked against direct routes and highest retail traffic standards.

  •   Overflow is sent only to reliable providers.
  •   24x7 Network operations support.

Quality of Service Parameters:

  •   High Reliability Guaranteed.
  •   Route stability.
  •   Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  •   Average Length of Call (ALOC)
  •   Call Completion Rate (CCR)

As an international IPX Provider, Gsoft can help mobile operators test their VoLTE offerings to identify and overcome their specific challenges. Our VoLTE trial helps mobile operators deliver the high-quality, global service their subscribers demand.

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