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Gsoft combines different applications into a single, flexible and scalable solution, which reduces the level of integration, configuration and complexity required to get you to market. Our solution is also extremely cost effective and the overhead required to keep these level of services operational is minimal.

P2P (Person-to-Person SMS ) used to differentiate from A2P (Application-to-Person )SMS.

- SMS from a mobile phone using the subscriber's SIM card to another mobile phone

- Send a SMS from an application to a person that looks like a person-to-person message (Skype from which you can send IP based SMS to a person but the content of the message appears like a 2 persons chat)

P2P systems had previously been used in many application domains. The concept has inspired new structures and philosophies in many areas of human interaction. A new technology in interaction is enabled by our application and solutions in general. Our applications are utmost secure from fraudsters

  •   The SMS offer provides a high quality A2P SMS termination service with sophisticated active quality management using only direct routes with a considerable reach.
  •   Gsoft SMS apps will boost revenue, as operators gain instant coverage, with options available for easy alternative solutions for interchange
  •   Gsoft P2P enables extensive reach ability through single network interface.
  •   Leverage advanced control features to develop innovative products.
  •   Easy protocol connectivity.
  •   Flexible Billing model for all types of Operators.
  •   Complete Coverage with operator wise pricing.
  •   Reduce network expense for improved mobility options and unification of feature set across multiple end point types.
  •   Complete Reporting for billing and other reports.

Our P2Pservice simplify the interworking arrangements between Operators. It reshapes the way that international mobile inter-operability works by implementing interconnects to intermediate the P2P traffic and to offer a larger coverage.
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