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Fraud is a big threat to the telecommunication industry; it affects all operators and has a huge impact on their annual revenues. The fast growth of fraudulent activities shows how easily fraudsters can take full advantage of the telecom systems' vulnerabilities. They also cause negative impact on the call quality and create network congestion. Hence having an efficient Managed Security Service detection solution is becoming paramountly necessary.

We have well defined systems to protect your business from fraudulent malfunctions.By analyzing all your CDR’s to detect any suspicious traffic, Gsoft’s Managed Protection services lets you protect your business. It empowers you to take action and block the fraudulent signal streams.

  •   Proper reported CDRs and suspected fraud alert generation.
  •   Analyses of the traffic, setting thresholds for alerts and generate alerts via email or the customer portal.
  •   Detect suspicious traffic fast with clarity in details.
  •   Visible facts on suspicious alerts.
  •   Protection of customers and your revenue.

Our SMS Firewall service protects your network from unsolicited SMS traffic caused by, flooding, faking, spamming and guards you against unwanted SMS traffic before it enters the network. Our service uses a cloud-based model, so you avoid the large up-front costs of installing an SMS firewall on your own premises.

The emerging requirements of mobile operator network worldwide, with a focus on specific needs has created the necessity for us.

  •   Guaranteed Protection from revenue losses.
  •   Early detection of malfunctions.
  •   Value added gains for pricing models.
  •   Benefit from the technology.

Our solutions are designed to optimize and enhance your business and revenue with NO LOSS and THREATS.
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