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Switch Partitioning

Our Switch partitioning Services allows telecom carriers to rent a portion of a state of the art data control switch to route various voice and data signaling through data centers around the world. It supports the next gen friendly technologies alongside the already available platforms.

We provide you with carrier-class switch partitioning and collocation space. International telecom carriers, and enterprise service providers are able to interconnect with carrier customers and vendors.Our customers can configure their own array of Voice communication based Technology services like reselling , PC-to-Phone Connectivity, Calling Cards etc.

Dedicated Softswitch provides a high performance level for carriers and enterprising networks, scalable Soft Switch enabling the delivery of secure, reliable Voice traffic and services over multiple IP networks. The Hosted Softswitch is a strategic component of our approach to wholesale Providers. Such services allow a Provider to become a full-fledged IP Telephony Provider without time-consuming lags and cost involved investment in communication infrastructure.

Our switch services enables call routing engine, media proxy and voice traffic accounting. It enables call termination from any IP telephony device, independent of its manufacturer, , platform and origin. Our hosted billing solution allows our service providers to manage their own customer’s details, rate plans, invoicing, and reporting with their style. Service Providers can place invoice to their customers directly from our system.

You can promote small scale to large scale business, calling card business and also promote long distance calling among the preferred groups as per your plans.

Switch Partition depends on your business situation and your desire to be involved in, and control of, technology.

Access to voice mail and messaging servers

  •   To provide residential, business and hosted voice services.
  •   Access to gateways.
  •   International long distance calling enabled service.
  •   Report generation enabled.
  •   Billing and reporting on voice reports and Product upgrades and features.
  •   Easy practical and cost effective.

Expand your service portfolio without huge capital investment. You gain control of a reliable infrastructure and share the benefits to have your revenue scaling. Service is aimed at the rapidly-growing segment of residential and professionals who can obtain voice services at considerable savings.

  •   Fixed price plans with (varying) calling minutes.
  •   International long distance calling.
  •   Local access numbers.
  •   User self-service portal to change setting and access call detail records.
  •   Billing via automated credit card transaction processing.
  •   On-line sign up forms.
  •   User guides and manuals.
  •   24/7 technical support.
  •   Upgrades to emerging services made available.
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