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End-to-End Management

Gsoft has considerable experience in delivering complex Telecom projects with approved and acclaimed solutions . We get involved right from the planning stage, then into design and lastly we deploy and manage telecommunications networks. For almost 10 years our clients have trusted us to deliver their requirements. We supply a range of leading edge products, covering a wide range of today's communication needs. We offer you a powerful portfolio to provide the most comprehensive solutions to its customers.

The gsoft network platform is designed to overcome redundancy so as to meet and overcome the adverse situations at any time of the hour.You can get connected to any corner of the world and the world is brought to your reach at any location and at any point of time. Power requirements are also minimal and there is no extra expense incurred as this is an added advantage enable in your already existing facility.

Our solutions to meet all yours ends with pricing approach

Next Generation Added Value services platforms are provided . These advanced telecommunication services, operate behind the core infrastructure, to deliver unique revenue generating services. It consists of interactive voice response (IVR) systems, calling card platforms, prepaid billing solutions, content delivery, prepaid Internet and multi messaging systems and video conferencing. Our operations are 24 x7 with full and dedicated Monitoring and Management.
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