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Standard IP Voice

Our standard voice offering includes IP telephony, messaging, virtual private networks (VPNs), managed firewalls and monitoring and reporting of network servers. These services can be performed from outside our internal network with a special agreement on integration and certification of Internet security for applications and content. We manage and integrate a range of activities associated with enterprise networks. Infrastructure services are delivered on a subscription basis.

Customers are also expanding into new regions. Your success lies on the ability to deliver new revenue opportunities in key emerging markets like China, the Middle East, Africa and India. Emerging market enterprises are also expanding globally to new territories. Your success is confirmed by giving our secure and cost-effective network based VPN solution that combines voice, data and video on a single network across the globe enabling connectivity today for over 500 destinations. service providers are supposed to leverage the reach and power of the robust network to provide cost effective, one-stop-shop network solutions for your customers around the world. Our network delivers greatest flexibility and control. Business is dynamic. Markets change. You need to adapt to thrive. Depending on evolving business challenges, you must allocate assets at multiple locations to maximize profits and minimize losses. Your network should be as flexible as your business strategy.

Gsoft provides standard voice, data and SMS, that you can brand in your company name and a fast route to market for carriers, switchless reseller an even non telco based companies seeking to leverage their brand and loyal customer base by offering new and innovative mobile services.

  •   In a changing world where customers want new and better services to be delivered in a converged and commercially integrated way, it is imperative to adapt and align inter operator solutions to thrive better and secure a safe stand.
  •   24/7 We offer stable routing and full service transparency combined with a new and appreciated business model.
  •   Gsoft standard Voice supports your business requirements in a fundamentally different and new environment, both technically and commercially.
  •   Our standard voice enables you to execute your evolving business models, and creating a competitive advantage for you while delivering the highest quality of service for your customers.

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