Cloud migration

Shift to cloud and give your company operations the perfect boost. Let your company grow with Cost-effective, comprehensive and dynamic cloud migration. Choose cloud migration and enhance your company operations now!

With the Gsoft Cloud Migration services, you will be presenting your company a flourishing opportunity to cut off the excessive expenses that go behind physical resource expenditures and enhance your company team's productivity as well. Our services comprise proven methodologies that will undoubtedly bring change in your operations and also fulfill your business needs thoroughly.

Our services are extensive and consist of comprehensive steps where our team will analyze your requirements, come up with the appropriate strategies, and will create the perfect roadmap to initiate Cloud adoption.
It does not matter whether your applications work on cloud or on-premise; your business is always going to face multiple technical challenges with the changes happening in the industry; that is why our team at Gsoft is always present to guide you, support you and plan the best strategies for you as well.

Our team works efficiently to add appropriate insights into your business and thereby enhance your projects with agile methodologies and comprehensive execution. Our cloud migration services assure you with strong security along with comprehensive guidance from our team in the venture of Cloud migration.

Global Network

our global network feature makes us stand out from the crowd. It ensures our clients with ultimate speed and efficiency in the entire process of cloud migration. There are innumerable regional hubs that are working efficiently in providing resources that our users need and can access within a blink of an eye.

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Migration Planning

The initial stage of our migration operation involves proper planning and drafting. Our team will work in association with our clients in order to understand their requirements and analyze the kind of environment they are looking for. After that, factors like application interoperability, legacy data, and application data will be analyzed and incorporated according to the requirements. The entire process will be accessed and drafted by our specialists so that you get a perfect, scalable, and secured solution for cloud migration.

  • Understanding business requirments
  • Spot user experience issues immediately
  • Analyse cloud deployment model
  • Alignment of services
  • Define and Design migrations
  • Time management
  • Proof of concept
  • Optimization and cost management


With Gsoft cloud migration, you will not have to worry about anything; our cloud assessment team will take the whole hassle of auditing your technical infrastructure. Our team will plan, initiate and execute the entire process of migration. No matter what application you need to shift to the cloud, we will get it done effortlessly. We provide our customers with a comprehensive plan of cloud ownership so that they are entirely aware of the process as well as expenses.

  • Auditing source data & infrastructure
  • Application Dependency mapping
  • Build Migration Strategy
  • Designing optimal destination cloud architecture
  • Preparing Business case & ROI
  • Assess workload and plan with accuracy
  • Contingency planning & rollback strategy

Pre-Migration testing

This is an important step, and our team takes it very seriously. Our pre-migration testing procedure comprises full auditing of the source data along with proper verification of the source systems and the data as well. The entire process is completed with the proper utility of tools and verification of other requirements as well.

  • Source Data & Systen Audit
  • Network Health Check
  • Destination cloud architecture audit
  • Data Security and compliance
  • Pilot Project

Data Migration Execution

After proper assessment and pre-migration examination, the ultimate procedure is initiated where the execution is carried on according to the plan and draft. Firstly the critical application and other components are shifted without hampering the operational activities, and the entire procedure is completed within a short period of time. Next, the data consistency is thoroughly examined and tested, along with proper testing of configurations, connections, and applications are also done. We emphasize new application development projects when it comes to cloud migration. The execution procedure is an integral part of the entire process; that is why we make sure special care is given to it for proper results and utmost feasibility.

  • High availability
  • Transfering the data with ease
  • Data Replication
  • Data consistency test
  • Business continutiy & operations
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Encryption in transit & at rest

Post-Migration Verification

In comprehensive cloud migration, extra emphasis is given on integral aspects associated with application testing like Functional validation, Integration testing, Security Testing and Scalability, and ultimately Performance testing.

  • Functional Validation
  • Integration Testing
  • Data Quality
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Cloud backup/Disaster Recovery Validation
  • Validate post migration success

Fuctional Validation

This process manages the entire testing procedure of the migrated applications; the applications go through extensive examinations to see how functional and well adapted they are to their new environment. The testing procedures involve SaaS and cloud computing services as well. The checking procedure starts after the full migration of data and application is completed.

Integration Testing

This step ensures that your applications are well computing and communicating with third-party components. It is important for the proper functioning and maintenance of seamless operations as well. A small glitch can cost the business a lot; hence we put extra care into this whole process.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is done by our team with utmost efficiency as it depicts the utility and performance of the application in the new environment; a properly conducted performance test ensures the business's success in cloud migration as well. A lot of factors are evaluated and modified in this step, like the load and also the demands of the users, along with many other integral factors. The monitoring and testing are performed on a real-time basis in order to get a clear result and also bring the solution on time. We adopt automated performance testing processes to examine the scalability and response of the application.

Security Testing

Maintenance of security is extremely important because you cannot afford to have malware and ransom ware attacks on your applications. With Gsoft, you will be assured with top-notch quality security testing performed by our specialist team for efficient functioning and seamless execution of your applications post-cloud migration.

Checklist for maintenance of security validation.
  • Make sure that the cloud network is only handled and accessed by authorized owners and users.
  • Take appropriate steps to handle random malware attacks.
  • Maintenance of data protection validation while in use and in transit as well.
GColud Mi Process

Gsoft's Robust Cloud Migration Strategy help to get the perfect amount of scalability and flexibility with multi-cloud services from Gsoft.

Dynamic Rehosting by "lift & shift."

The Lift and shift strategy is focused on transferring your applications and data without taking the hassle of allowing time for modifications because no changes are happening with the applications. This process is seamless and also costs nothing in terms of security and compliance. The lift and shift method is undoubtedly one of the fastest and seamless methods to give your company a solid essence of cloud migration if it is going to be your first time. It involves proper rehosting of your applications on your cloud without making any major changes in it and in the infrastructure as well.

Effortless Replatforming.

This process is absolutely different from lift and shift because here, major modifications will be incorporated into the software, unlike in lift and shift, where only rehosting of application is done without making and changes in the infrastructure and application itself. The replatforming procedure can be applicable if you are looking to change your cloud-based platforms. The replatforming step falls in between the rehosting and rearchitecting. In this process, the infrastructure costs and other expenses are quite reduced with strategies like on-demand scaling of instances in the place of pre-provisioning instances and a lot more.

Comprehensive Repurchasing.

This process involves shifting your data from a particular product to another. This can be associated with switching cloud platforms or shifting to a cloud platform from an on-premise legacy system. A lot of other parameters are also evaluated while conducting the migration like security framework, data protection methodologies, availability, etc. we make sure you are guided in the best possible way to get the best approach in order to gain maximum return from the investment made in cloud migration.

Robust Refactoring.

This step involves the whole process of re-coding the existing applications to make them well habituated with the cloud environment and also deliver optimum results. Here, all in all, a particular application is modified to make them cloud appropriate, the coding requirements in this step are extremely laborious and complex, which is why this process is one of the most intricate processes, and our team makes sure it is conducted with utmost efficiency as well.

Effective Retire.

This is the modification step where sections that are no longer required or appropriate for the cloud environment of your applications are cut off or excluded. This procedure is important because it ensures you don't have to migrate the useless data which are not required, and as a result, a lot of time, as well as effort, is also saved.

Retain according to your requirements.

This is maintained when you have data or any application with strict security and fragility in terms of migration because in such cases, you are risking your data, and hence it becomes unnecessary. So you can retain these applications on-premise instead of migrating them to the cloud. Retain facility enables you to have a hybrid model where you can migrate some of your data to the cloud and keep some on-premise according to your convenience.

No boundaries in business scalability.

Easy and comprehensive scale-up with the help of cloud-based applications ensures successful business operations. The entire process of cloud migration has given the IT environment a dynamic shift, thereby enabling businesses to improve their operations and enhance at scale as well.

Information management, businesses operation efficiency, resource management, and distribution, and a lot more can be managed with cloud migration efficiently.

Safe and steady service availability.

Glitches and other inconveniences happening from the cloud platform servers can cause a huge problem in the business operations; it leads to wastage of time and effort. But with Gsoft, you don't need to worry about any such situations arising because our team is ready with the appropriate solutions to manage the issues and save your time as well.
Also, data is an integral part of your business, and it requires to be protected by strong and comprehensive security services. Our service will customize the security parameters according to your requirements. We make sure our clouds are always secured so that no data is risked by any means.

Light on your pockets.

Simple planning with No limits in Data storage. Allows you to deploy workloads across zones to ensure high availability. Enable you to reschedule workloads off failed nodes. Supports container monitoring and VM monitoring


Quicker deployment.

If you opt for buying servers, installing operating systems, and then placing them within an appropriate network, then you will be wasting an immense amount of time. With Gsoft's cloud migration services, you will be saving all those hassles and money as we ensure faster and comprehensive deployment of your data and resources. Your apps and services, along with other data, will be migrated in the shortest possible time without hampering your daily business operations.


With the services offered by Gsoft, you can manage workload deployment along with proper monitoring in place. We also ensure proper automatic monitoring along with backups and many other facilities, which makes sure that our clients can concentrate on their organization and app development rather than spending time managing other complexities. Our team works efficiently and brings the changes according to the requirements of our clients.

Affordable operation costs.

Cloud migration is indeed an extremely complex and extensive process that requires professional tips, and that is exactly why it can get heavy on your pockets at times. But with the services offered by Gsoft you don't need to worry. We customize our prices according to your needs and also try our best to keep them as affordable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
Shifting to the cloud can seem like a herculean task, especially for beginners, and that's why our team is always present to offer help in such situations. If you don't know where to start, you can approach the Gsoft cloud expert, who will guide you through the venture of cloud migration along with all the details you need to know.
Extensive security measures are adopted in terms of keeping your data safe in the cloud environment. There are multiple layers of safety that ensure that your data is not going to face any malware attacks.
We make sure external and internal attacks are stopped along with proper governance of data and recovery and also continuous monitoring for keeping your systems protected.
Downtime, data loss, management of resources, and issues associated with compatibility can be some of the challenges you can face while opting for cloud migration, but with Gsoft, all that will be managed by professionals so that your business operations remain intact and you get optimum results as well.