Gcloud Managed Services

Enhance resilience and agility of your IT ecosystem on Gcloud

Faster innovation. Smarter, more flexible operations. New ways of connecting with customers, disrupting markets, and creating business value. A move to Gcloud can make all of this possible. Gcloud assumes total ownership of your cloud experience rendering hyper agility, high availability, zero disruption, advanced security, global compliance adherence and network management, IT modernization, data intelligence and uninterrupted business continuity.

Why Gcloud Managed Services?

Managing your cloud deployment can be an enormous challenge. Let us help you simplify your cloud complexity.  We work with you to define clear, cost-effective cloud management strategies that help you build a flexible, scalable cloud ecosystem that is tailored to your needs, supports your growth objectives, and lets you focus on delivering value. We have:

What we offer:


In-depth understanding of your business, and its context, so we can help you gain the agility to anticipate and capitalize on market movements.


Comprehensive business solutions, cloud migration, Backup and restore, Disaster Recovery, database management, configured and managed to your specific needs and budgetary goals.


Extensive automation and self-service capabilities, delivered flexibly, and cost-effectively to let you concentrate on delivering value.


Outstanding security and compliance capabilities across all cloud deployments


Flexible pricing, integration, delivery, and management models that incorporate world-class methods, process, and tools that provide on-demand scalability and agility.

Gcloud Managed Services you can choose

Cloud Migration

Make the move from any Cloud Service Provider to Gsoft.. Our end-to-end migration support and consulting ensures you achieve your Cloud vision successfully.

Backup and Restore

Gsoft takes fast and reliable backups of workloads running in a physical or virtual environment. Gsoft data Backup and Recovery service ensures optimum data protection

Disaster Recovery

Protect your Cloud environment with Gsoft ’ Managed SOC services by proactively monitoring evolving cyber-security threats and vulnerabilities. Choose from a broad range of security solutions.

Database Migration

Protect your Cloud environment with Gsoft ’ Managed SOC services by proactively monitoring evolving cyber-security threats and vulnerabilities. Choose from a broad range of security solutions.

Managed databases

Gsoft offers Database Consultancy and Database Administration services through a team of certified database administrators who efficiently manages your database so that your business can experience robust performance.


Service management

Service Managers oversee all aspects of the cloud managed services program, from project initiation and onboarding to implementation and daily management, for streamlined communications with a single point of contact.

Enhanced Security

Gcloud Managed Services builds and maintains a growing repository of compliance, operational, and security guardrails that help keep you aligned with your controls. Gsoft reduces the burden of meeting compliance program requirements through automated detection and remediation automations.

Agile Operations

Manage all operations and infrastructure, including applications, platform, system performance, security, access, and capacity management using best industry practices and adhering to defined service levels.


Gcloud experts support unique application requirements, including migration, customization, integrations, workflows, templates and more.



Gcloud Managed Services provides you with flexibility in selecting the right level of operations assistance, whether you are migrating to the cloud or just need extra help with monitoring, incidents, or patch management. Gcloud experts, who are deeply integrated with Gcloud service teams, work alongside your existing operations team to provide proven operational assistance.

Resilient Infrastructure

Supported by 24X7 management and comprehensive network infrastructure, Gcloud provide reliable and robust infrastructure support. We handle everything from monitoring, reporting & updates to security patches, integrations & aligning of operations with your business goals.

Compliance Support

Whether you are an online store, a healthcare organization, or a financial services company subject to industry regulations, not adhering to data privacy and security regulations can invite hefty penalties and land you in big trouble. The MSPs can help you ensure compliance with industry regulations, for ex – HIPPA for the US Healthcare industry.

Business acceleration

Faster integration and combination with partners or third parties to deliver new products and services which means shorter product development cycles; accelerated innovation and time-to-market; faster response to customer feedback; faster delivery of applications closer to the client

Cost optimization

Gcloud customers have enjoyed up to 30% in operational savings and up to 25% in Gcloud infrastructure savings while also improving operational SLAs, security, and compliance posture. We provide you a flexible consumption-based pricing model and month-to-month contracting. Pay for what you use and take back operational control when you are ready.

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Gcloud architects, consultants and experts can assist your organization in tailoring the perfect cloud solution for all your business requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Wide range of services is the prime reason that is driving the IT businesses towards Managed IT Services. Owing to the rising demands and pace of releases, organizations are taking a closer approach to maintenance and monitoring. This is when the IT operations demand increased efficiency, improved dependability, enhanced security and compliance, advanced access to emerging technologies, predictable pricing and more.
Managed Services applies to all businesses looking for IT support. From startups to multinational companies, In the wake of growing cloud adoption, Managed Services finds relevance among SMBs who often refrain from spending on complex assets and critical storage maintenance. Moreover, staying updated to the changing technology trends and security updates is often a serious challenge that most companies face.
With Gcloud managed services, you pay only for the individual services you need for as long as you use them. The price of Gcloud Managed Services is calculated based on the number of instances and the usage fees of all other gcloud services within the accounts we manage. For more information on pricing, please contact sales.
Gcloud Managed Services meets you where you are in your cloud journey. Whether you are considering a move to the cloud, in the process of migrating, or have workloads running on Gcloud, Our cloud Architects will help guide you through your operational planning and decisions making.